Another Kick At The Can EP

by Cara Leigh

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released February 12, 2013

Produced by Cara Leigh




Cara Leigh Waterloo, Ontario

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Track Name: Thank You
I thought I would write you a note
It's polite to send recognition
Just a quick one to thank you for everything you've done
And everything you've triggered
And everything you've disregarded
And everything you've caused, right here, right now.

Thank you for betraying me
Thank you for erasing me
Thank you for suffocating me
Thank you for nothing
Thank you for nothing
Thank you for nothing

Maybe I'll mail this one,
so you will receive it unexpectedly
Like how you surprised me and side swiped me
I gave up everything for you
Just so you could give up on us
It's just so like you,
to give up on everything

Thank you for nothing
cause nothing's what you are
and I, I finally see it
Track Name: No, Because...
You're so obvious, but I'm obviously not into it
I'm sick and tired of telling you, cause telling you makes me sick
You've only seen me on good days
You're a weight around my waist

There's a killer inside my head
and I can only hear what it says
And it's disappointed in the life I've led
And if won't stop
It won't stop

You say you're crazy about me
Well I think you're just crazy
And then you say that I've changed and your speech it changes
Well I comprehend, but you'll never understand.

I don't want to be the woman you want, you've asked
I know it won't last
I don't want to be the woman you want